OPS Tweets from 2021

In 2021, I decided to make a Twitter account for Subjective Personality where I post some random thoughts I am processing about typology. This has served as a notebook of sorts on my own type journey as I refine my understandings and come to certain realizations.

Below is a few of my favorite tweets from the year. Be sure to follow me on twitter if you’d like to engage with me on these sort of ideas in the future.

Cognitive Functions

This tweet actually inspired a YouTube video I made. Remember when I used to make those? Ah memories…

I often get in these phases where I start to see a pattern and then I’m trying to see if that pattern is really playing out for awhile after (Se savior club, whaddup?). This idea is still pretty powerful to me. Where are we getting weird and personal about the information we are dealing with? This idea of extroversion vs introversion is often overlooked by us in the OPS community because we have all these other new fun patterns to play with, but the classics are still just as important!

I recently was looking at Personality Database and there was an argument about Ti vs Te in terms of “philosophy of thought”. I’ve gotten so far away from these types of arguments while studying Objective Personality that it seemed simply comical to me now. Everyone has the same human needs, its about how we arrive there and the voids we leave. Our needs drive us to individuate or connect with others.

This was a bit of a revelation in terms of peacocking our demons. We get weird and excited when we explore our demons and we do so through our saviors. Its this idea of finally finding the shoe that fits. I hate trying on shoes because it feels like it takes forever to find the right pair, but once you find it and it finally fits it is relieving and exciting. Is this a weird Ni pattern?

Obviously it isn’t quite this simple… Te people aren’t machines deciding based on consensus. But this does seem to be what these functions are seeking after and desiring, to be in most alignment with either the tribe or the self.

This is something that came up as I was watching someone’s video I thought to be Fe. They weren’t getting specific about any the things they valued, but throwing out a bunch of things they liked as a means to potentially provide hooks for others on what they like and where they can meet on the spectrum. This is one of the things that Fe and Te seem to be doing, trying to find that consensus, because we know its out there.

This is kind of a pet peeve of mine when people say they are “doing a function” because that isn’t really how functions work in my view. It isn’t something you do, its a mental process. So not only is this kind of thing in some ways sh*tting on Fe as being a liar function that manipulates people with emotions, its also just not how this works.

This was a quote from KellyD (MM Fe/Si BSPC) on the Unofficial OPS Class Discord. You can check out her YouTube channel where she does interviews with others typed in OPS. This is another common misconception about Fe and I’ve recently argued with some people on an MBTI discord about this. Why does Fe have to be all positive all the time? No human truly is, and if they are working on themselves and trying to own their Ti and push away from how much they might want to connect with others on values, they are going to be quite prickly… its a demon state for a reason! Listen to Kelly!

Another important idea about the feeling functions. While feeling is often associated with emotions and they are important signals to our values, feeling types are not necessarily more “emotional”.

Said another way, Fe is broadening towards others and Fi is deepening towards the self.

Since being typed as having F Se, I’m still working through the differences between Se/Ne and how Ne is doing Oe vs Se. It is interesting to think about what they are opposing… Ne is opposed to a singular experience, devoid of meaning. Se is opposed to a singular meaning without evidence. They both seek to shake up and proposed Oi in their own way.

M Fe is something that is somewhat lacking in the database at the moment. There aren’t a ton of examples, so I tried to do some research on it earlier this year. Meghan LeVota (MM Fe/Ni BP/S(C) is a great community example out there talking about her experiences with Fe. This idea of bringing clarity to what you think if valuable and then constantly learning/shifting your logic based on your experiences seems to be such a clean way to understand it.


These are new ideas in Objective Personality, so I like to find different ways of cracking at the idea on twitter.

This is something I was starting to realize in myself, I am confident in my ability to adapt myself to new information and new people, but I am not confident when it comes to sharing what is stable with myself and others. This is a particularly useful split for me as a Glass Lizard because I am confident in my ability to adapt with others, but I am not confident that the tribe is going to stay stable. Its like I’m over relying on my ability to adapt to the tribe so that is just not something I’m even tracking…

We often think of Consume in this first form where we are taking things in for the self and building up our sense of self. However, Consume also involves challenging our existing sense of self based on new info. When new information comes up that differs from how we understand things we feel responsible to face that information and see how it might force us to update. So there is a building up and a tearing down as new info comes in.

There is this awful misconception that Consume is learning and Blast is teaching when really you can and should learn through both methods. As someone with Blast last I’m often trying to understand what Blast is really trying to achieve so I know I am working towards the right thing.

Continuing the discovery of what it truly means to use Blast. Blast isn’t just putting together a few coherent sentences together in a row (though it does seem to impact that). Blast is about the refinement of an Oi (something stable/organized) with others in addition to sharing it.

This tweet is expanding on this idea of “peacocking” our demons in OPS. When we work to achieve something in our demons, we often put such effort in to get it right that we can seem like masters at it, but this overdoing of our demons is just part of that struggle and imbalance.

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