Type 1 – Seeking Perfection

Type 1 emerges in a frustration over the lack of perfection of others becomes a motivator to become your own protector and embody perfection in the self. They feel they must become the one who is responsible for determining what is correct. Others have left this void and now they must arise to fill it.

The essence of type 1 exists in the overlap of the Body, Frustration, Super-Ego, and Competency triads. Where these forces meet, they produce a figure who has a deep sense of what is right or wrong emerging from the body and a deep seeded frustration for when anything is out of alignment with that internal measurement. They know what it takes within themselves to get things back to what they perceive to be the correct place and it is up to them to assert that in their instinctual realm.

Type 1 Examples

This sense of superego and competency maintained within the body may lead to rigidity in the body itself.  These types might be physically stiff and use precise movements and words. For the 1 there is a correct way for anything to be done and to deviate from that is seen as “immoral”.

I know this is true like I know my own hand.

type 1 – competency from the body

This sense of morality is not necessarily drawn from a religious context, but may still seem to carry the same weight of condemnation. There is a sharpness to the one because when everything must be judged as right or wrong, there must be little to no gray area in between.


1w2 – The one’s sense of what is right and wrong is brought towards others as a means to connect. An intrusive friendliness wielded as a means to bring about perfection in others.

1w2 Examples

1w9 – The 1’s rigidity expanded into a more philosophical and detached space. Rather than moving towards others as in 1w2, the 1w9 withdraws and formulates broadened ideas for what is correct or incorrect.

1w9 Examples


Self-Preservation – Perfection and correction toward one’s resources and means for providing for oneself. The management of one’s own ways of doing things and preparation in the face of oncoming threats to that are a central focus.

Self Preservation 1 Examples

Social – Perfection and correction applied to society at large. Managing connections and the ways in which we interact and connect with one another in the “right way”.

Social 1 Examples

Sexual – Perfection and correction applied to the game of attraction. A disruptive element added to the 1 and a willingness to penetrate boundaries for the sake of pursuit.

Type 1 Examples

What do Type 1’s look like in reality?

While I’ve provided numerous examples of type 1’s above thanks to the Enneagrammer database, seeing these patterns play out in these individuals is another thing entirely.

Check out my video below to see how I’m tracking the patterns of correctness stemming from the body. In particular Type 6, another Super-Ego type, is often confused for type 1. Notice the way in which these type 1 examples do not waver from their perspectives. They have a deep sense of knowing that they are correct and are more interested in correcting those which oppose than considering alternate viewpoints.

Enneagram Type one’s in reality

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