Mobile Friendly Database

Its a common complaint that the OPS Airtable does not work well on mobile. I created a search app which pulls from the Airtable’s database (as well as a few others) that is more mobile friendly.

In addition to being mobile friendly, the search app also allows for easy one line searches. Below are just a few examples.

  • class istj – view all the people typed istj with a class
  • FM TeSe – view all Te/Se’s typed with the FM modality
  • INTP Male – view all Ti/Ne males

Search Shortcut on Android

I use my app on my phone all the time so I created a home screen shortcut for it. Since this isn’t a well known feature on Android, I thought I’d create a short guide as to how.

  1. Navigate to the search page using Chrome.
The Search Page

2) Click the 3 dots in the corner to open the menu and select “Add to Home Screen”.

Add to Home Screen

3) Give your new shortcut a name. Ex: “Type Search”. Click Add.

Name your Shortcut

4) You can choose to Touch & hold to place it on your home screen as you choose, or Add it automatically and move it later.

Add to Home Screen

5) View the new shortcut on your home screen. Tapping this will open a tab in chrome tab on the search page.

View on Home Screen

Note how this also works great for Wordle if you too are a 5 word fiend.

Alternative Solutions

Alternatively for mobile, you can also navigate to the grid view, which for some reason allows searching. The redirect was updated to point to this view on the OP Database Airtable.

You can also click the 3 dots in the upper right and select Desktop Site to view the desktop version of the site on your mobile device. This may be a bit awkward, but will allow you to utilize all the normal functionality, including the search icon in the upper right of the page.

Hope you found this helpful!

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