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Interested in an Enneagram podcast for the modern era? Well look no further than Big Hormone Enneagram!

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The Big Hormone Enneagram podcast has close ties to the Enneagrammer and Enneasite websites. They offer a fresh take on the Enneagram from what you might find other places in the community. While many other podcasts out there might refer to their teachers such as Naranjo and Richard Rohr, the hosts of BHE prefer to leave things a bit more open ended. Gather than viewing the Enneagram simply as a tool which has been solved, they leverage the Enneagram to continue to discover.

While many of the hosts have studied the Enneagram extensively over the years, they don’t view the Enneagram as something which has been solved, but a mystery to continuously unravel. You can even join the surrounding community in the Enneagrammer Universe Facebook group and aid in that discovery process as many of the hosts of the podcast are also admins there and participate in discussions from time to time.

Enneagrammer also offers typing services which I myself engaged in. If you’d like to read more about that, then check out my article on Getting Typed by Enneagrammer.


The first few podcasts serve as introductions for you to get to know the hosts, so if that is something you are interested in, you could consider starting there. I’ll be providing some links to the podcast on YouTube, but you should be able to find the podcast on most podcasting platforms as well.

Emeka Okorafor – sx/sp 8w7 854
John Luckovich – sx/sp 4w5 458
David Gray – sp/sx 974
Nancy Walter – sp/so 3w4 369

Below is the very first episode of the BHE podcast and explains why they decided to start this podcast as well as backgrounds for each of the hosts.

The First Pod – Introductions

The Essential BHE

The podcast now has over 100 episodes, so there is a lot to go through if you want to catch up and engage in the community. In the playlist below I made my modest attempt to compile some of the podcasts which best introduce or overview some of BHE’s more distinct ideas and points of view.

The Essential BHE Playlist

Some of the key ideas included are the Object Relations Triad, Hexad (124578) vs Attachment (369) types, Trifix descriptions/roast, Instinctual Drives, Levels of Health, the Harmonic Triad, and finally their stance on why Countertype is Dumb.

On Mistyping

BHE has had several episodes on some common causes of mistyping and gone in depth on a number of the most common mistypes and why this is a potentially damaging road to go down.

“Nobody likes to think their views about themselves are wrong. But the baseline thing is that everyone’s views about themselves are wrong.”

They understand that there is great power within the Enneagram as a tool towards achieving a more enlightened state of being, but using the tool incorrectly can instead give us permission to hide deeper within our ego walls.

Mistyping Playlist

You can read about my own views on typology and what the purpose is for me in my Typology Manifesto.

Individual Type Discussions

Don’t care about the Enneagram at large and just want to learn more about a specific number? Well fine. Here is a playlist on some individual types.

Playlist on individual types

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