Modalities of Letters (S/N & F/T)

The sexual modalities in the Objective Personality System give us a lot of new avenues to look at type. Sometimes the Double Masculine Functions/Letters can be confused for someone’s saviors even when both are demon. I might be speaking from personal experience on this one… Because of this confusion, it is important to understand what vibe these modality letters give off (the NF) and how that is distinct from what it means to have a savior.

Objective Personality did two videos discussing patterns they are seeing in the Double Masculine Letters and the Double Feminine Letters (class links require access). They gave each a brief vibe description which have been circulating around the community and causing some confusion. I’ll do my best here to unpack some of what I think they were getting at.

Each description comes as a pair describing the MM side and the FF side. You could potentially try to describe the MF and FM sides as well, but as they are less of an extreme, they tend to appear more balanced. Plus this is Objective Personality… everything is a coin! Cha-ching cha-ching!

OPS Coin

Quick Refresher on Modalities

confident, shovey, direct, solid

uncertain, indirect, moveable, adaptable

Quick Clarification ❤

In this article we are talking about which letters are Masculine or Feminine in the type regardless of whether or not those letters are savior in the type.

MM Ti/Ne = MM SF and FF NT
FM Fe/Se = MM NF and FF ST
MF Ni/Ti = MM ST and FF NF

Confused by the OPS Type Code? Check out our article on that. 🙂


OMG Block head

Those with MM ST are direct towards the sensory and the logic. We sometimes refer to thinking as “banging blocks” hinting back to the days as children trying to fit pegs into holes or maybe building wooden block structures into the sky. The blockheads are getting their hands dirty in the sensory, ripping out the wires, snapping things into place, and making it work for the rest of us lazy mo-fos.

Mr. Block-head
Super Hippie

Super Hippie

Those with FF NF allow their intuition and feeling to run free, unrestrained by any solid boundaries. These are the ones lighting up their Mary-Jane pipe and entering the land of pure imagination, fantasy, and any possibilities we can dream of which feel good and inspire us. The super hippies are dreaming of the places we can go outside the limits of reality. Where people can simply love one another. One love man. Peace brother.

These two ideas are in contrast to each other while also co-existing within people. Savior blockheads will have a demon hippie side, and savior hippies will have demon blockhead side.

At a certain point the blockhead wants to understand what all the blocks they are putting together are for, where is it going, who cares? Similarly, the hippies eventually want to bring their fantastical ideas down to reality and build something they can actually touch.

MM Si Ti and FF Ne Fe
MM Se Ti and FF Ni Fe
MM Se Te and FF Ni Fi
MM Si Te and FF Ne Fi

Search the database for real person examples of MM ST and FF NF.

IRL Examples of Blockheads & Super Hippies


Has a “Jesus” path

Those with MM NF are convinced they know what will be valuable into the future. They have a “message from God” that everyone needs to hear about because of how valuable and life changing it is. The ones with the “Jesus Path” keep hitting you with life changing information about some way of being. They can provide you with the valuable meaning and we just need to find some way to make it work.

Oh hai Jesus
Friendly Hammer

Very Easy to Work With

Those with FF ST aren’t worried about what tools you bring to the table or overly concerned with the details. This makes them very easy to work with because they aren’t constantly nitpicking how things are being done. They want to get things done, but simply aren’t as concerned with how it gets done.

Combine these together and you get a friendly carpenter who has a Jesus path. Hmm… sounds familiar…

These are people who have a vision and purpose and are making it easy to join in. Anyone who is willing to help on their mission is invited to participate. As long as you stay on the path and help us get there, how you do it doesn’t matter.

MM Ne Fe and FF Si Ti
MM Ni Fe and FF Se Ti
MM Ni Fi and FF Se Te
MM Ne Fi and FF Si Te

Search our database for real person examples of MM NF and FF ST.

IRL Examples of Easy to work with & Jesus Path

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She keeps saying I should go outside. Ahh! Please help!


I know what’s going on here

Those with MM NT are confident in their theories and abstract understandings. They feel as if they know how things are clicking together in the abstract but might not necessarily have all the evidence on hand. These know-it-alls want to tell everyone else their hidden truth and force others to align with it.

Mr Know it all
Sexi Snek

Sexually Movable

Those with FF SF are willing to shift and adapt the details to fit whatever emotion is needed. They are contorting the sensory like a gymnast to fit into whatever mold of presentation will evoke the right emotion. The sexually movable aren’t stuck on a particular “attraction strategy” shifting with the tides of what is cool, as long as its as easy going as they are.

Combining these two vibes together you get something of magician, who has their hidden information on how the trick works and retools it into something appealing and intriguing on the surface. A magic trick is only as useful as much as people can see it and enjoy it. So this archetype is one of making the magic come alive in whatever form it has to in order to be appealing and enjoyable.

MM Ne Ti and FF Si Fe
MM Ni Ti and FF Se Fe
MM Ni Te and FF Se Fi
MM Ne Te and FF Si Fi

Search our database for real person examples of MM NT and FF SF.

IRL Examples of Sexually Movable and I know what’s going on here


Aggressive in physical reality

Those with MM SF want to fight and express their emotions in physical reality. These are the ones wrestling each other in the backseat to determine what mom and dad should play on the radio. They are not going to be quiet about what is valuable and what is not.

Shove for Love
Rocket Brain

Outerspace Brain

Those with FF NT are bringing forwards ideas from which seem as if they are from another planet. “Where did you come up with that!?” is something you might say to an Outerspace Brain. Their free roaming problem solving allow them to come up with seemingly otherworldly solutions to problems out of nowhere.

When you mix these archetypes together into a real person you get a mad scientist with a vengeance. A Jekyll and Hyde in real life who will stir up some a crazy concoction and then shove it in your face until you can’t help but admit how enjoyable it is to be gut punched.

MM Si Fe and FF Ne Ti
MM Se Fe and FF Ni Ti
MM Se Fi and FF Ni Te
MM Si Fi and FF Ne Te

Search our database for real person examples of MM SF and FF NT.

IRL Examples of Aggressive in Reality and Outer Space Brain

Hulk & Sissy Syndrome

Another related concept they talked about briefly in the class videos mentioned above is the modalities of the demon functions.

When the demons are masculine, they come out swinging so you gotta watch out. They call this hulk syndrome because someone might seem harmless and gentle up front (FF), but when angered or backed into a corner, their hulk side comes out (MM) and tears you apart out of nowhere.

When the demons are feminine, they come out more whiney and soft (FF). They call this sissy syndrome because the hard exterior (MM) gives way to a soft gooey center. Suddenly the person who was beating you up begins to cry and hug you and it turns out they were just afraid the whole time. Your turn to comfort them I guess.

You can also think of the demon side as being a repressed side of the person. So someone with savior FF NF might be the most obviously a Super Hippie but they will have a repressed side of them that is MM ST and they are avoiding/wanting to get to that point where they have everything figured out in the sensory like a regular old Blockhead. Or the savior Blockhead who really just wants to make things work so we can all “get along man” later like a hippie.

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