Enneagram Typing – Dark Arts Academy

Want to learn about typing in the Enneagram? Consider joining the Dark Arts Academy at Enneagrammer.com for $19 a month where they have been creating weekly videos typing individuals in the Enneagram. There are also some free sample videos available.

For a full list of who they have typed in the class so far, check out our Database.

Joining the Dark Arts Academy also provides discounts to their typing services, so if you are considering getting typed by them already, you might as well join. A fact I myself failed to realize before I got typed by them… oops! You’ll also gain access to a Facebook group for class members only where we discuss the weekly typings and submit guesses and track our accuracy relative to our Dark Arts Overlords.

The Dark Arts Overlords

The Dark Arts Overlords are Joseph Simone, David Gray, and Emeka Okorafor and have each been typed by and have an interest in Objective Personality. They even recently did a video on JK Rowling with Dave Powers after her class in Dark Arts Academy which is available on YouTube as well. You can also read their about page on Enneagrammer if you’d like to further enhance your parasocial relationship because Social blinds and Fours love when you do that especially.

Not sure why you should care about Enneagram Typing? Our Overlords did an episode on the Big Hormone Enneagram podcast about just that. Check it out here or look for BHE 114 on whatever your favorite podcast app is.

BHE 114 – Why you should learn to type

Typing Processs

While some schools of the Enneagram don’t think you should type people but instead guide them and let them access their core fears for themselves… Enneagrammer/DAA does not agree with this approach (and neither do I). They believe that your Enneagram type is spilling out in everything you do, say and the ways in which you present yourself. Our type is a lens with which we view the world and thus is constantly distorting what we see and how we interact in very particular ways that others can observe.

Enneagrammer thus analyzes body movement, facial expressions, photos, and collages. These things are manifestations of how much we are thinking about how we are being viewed (image/heart), how we seek understanding (head), and how we create psychological barriers (body). Thus, if we pay close attention to the ways in which these patterns are being displayed by the individual we are typing, we can learn much about how they are viewing the world and reflecting that outward. They also analyze our word patterns and choices and the ways in which our ideas tie back to our core type and desire for things to fall into line and satisfy our instinctual needs.

In each class you can expect DAA to:

  1. Do a Google Image Search and look at the person’s Instagram see how this person is presenting themselves in photos, particularly looking for instincts here and sometimes a vague impression of the core number or possible trifix. This seems like an almost “get the biases out of the way” point where they put there cards on the table and say this is where I’m immediately leaning but I’m prepared to be wrong.
  2. Watch a video on mute, looking for body language cues. Again, this is a moving picture of the person so a lot of what is derived here is from non-verbal cues, are they paying attention to the audience, the other person, or are they more withdrawn. Sometimes the person seems excited and it turns out they are talking about something quite mundane, while other times they are talking about something crazy and not showing it. These are cues we can analyze.
  3. By this point they typically watch a few more clips to narrow in on some more specific parts as well as confirm the impressions the received earlier. Often the last few things to be sorted out are the wings on the secondary and tertiary fixes, but sometimes other things are less clear.

Often they seem to be jumping to conclusions faster than you’d expect, but their process involves openly sharing their impressions and refining them together. By pinging off of one another, they are able to balance their initial impressions with their deeper understanding that they all share. They have an extensive experience in typing people which is backed up by their database collection of over 800 typings and doesn’t even include many community members they have typed over the last few years. With that experience, many of these non-verbal things come easier to them since they have been studying them for awhile now. That being said, they are still constantly learning and no one is saying their typing methodology is perfect. They have retyped people from their database within the last year and while they are continuing to hone their craft, they have much to teach us. That being said, you can also see for yourself in their free videos

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Enneagrammer released four free typing videos before putting their content behind their membership paywall, so if you are interested but not sure if you want to join, you can check out these four free videos to see what their process is like and the kinds of things you will learn if you join. These videos featured Megan Fox, David Goggins, Tom Hiddleston, and Salt Bae and give you a taste of their typing process.

Megan Fox – 3… or 7?

Class on Megan Fox

David Goggins – 8… or 6?

Class on David Goggins

Tom Hiddleston – 6… or 2?

Class on Tom Hiddleston

Salt Bae – Social Blind or… just weird?

Class on Salt Bae

For a full list of who they have typed so far, check out our Database.

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