Tweet Compilation 2.0

As mentioned in my previous tweet article, in 2021 I started a Twitter account where I’ve been sharing some thoughts on Typology as an additional outlet to my blog and YouTube channel. Below are some of the tweets related to my personal typing journey and more generally about life.

My Type Journey

This was a recurring idea throughout 2021, Fe and balancing that with Ti’s discernment. I was heavily inspired to think about this more based on a video I saw from Meghan LeVota. It even inspired a whole YouTube video and article. Check it out here. You can also check out this thread below for more from her on that.

As an ExxJ with 2x activiated Di, it can sometimes feel like I’m doing Di all the time, but throughout the year I’ve consistently noticed this pattern of permission seeking and dropping what I’m doing when the tribe comes to call. Part of the evolution for me has been trying to maintain boundaries for myself proactively by communicating my needs to others and understanding that it is okay for me to keep doing my thing. Less time worrying that it isn’t okay and more time doing the darn thing for me.

I am overly adaptive with my FF Play, it is a constant struggle to stay grounded and not get swept away in the things that are constantly shifting around me.

Some M Di going on here… but also just my over-adaptive nature. Slowly recognizing more and more the way that being an ExxJ (as well as an Enneagram 9) shows up in my life. Many of the things I’ve often considered positive traits about myself, like being “likeable”, is also something getting in my way. In the way of expressing things which might go against that.

Good thing to keep in mind as you try to find your type in OPS. Our strengths are often in the places where we have less ego investment and aren’t as committed to being all in on one side of the coin.

This is similar to the work of Byron Katie who teaches us to question what we know for sure. Maybe we should have known better, but sometimes things don’t quite line up. We don’t have to beat ourselves up over things that could have been, but we can look to what we do know for sure and look to improve ourselves and prepare for the next time. Proactive not reactive.

I’ve recently come to think about this in relation to my instinct stacking of so/sp in the Enneagram. I am constantly working to try to build something with which I can establish greater connections in the realm of social. Something that others will be able to attach to. So weird talking about this on a blog post about myself. Meta AF.

Jeez I almost forgot about this one, but it continues to align with what I was saying above about wanting to in some way represent the ideals of social in a physical form… myself. I’m looking to literally embody the goodness of the social realm and in some ways putting pressure on myself to live up to that potential.

Enjoying this site?

To be honest, I might buy some kombucha instead… Have you tried the Kevita Blackberry Hops? Yummy in my tummy.

She keeps saying I should go outside. Ahh! Please help!


Was pretty excited to learn that I made it into Personality Database. I figured you had to be a bigger public figure than me to make it in. I’m quite flattered. As of now I’m listed as an ISFJ based on 8 votes. This actually made me reconsider my Socionics type a bit as I do think SEI could be possible for me. I had really considered almost every type in Alpha Quadra as a possibility before my typing with Jack from World Socionic’s Society. It wasn’t entirely clear to me. What do you think? Could I be Te PoLR instead of Se? Let me know in the comments below…. or wherever you can find me, I’m not picky.

I often think about this kind of thing in relation to demon Ni, just not feeling comfortable having a vision of something that could exist and then not making it happen. It feels like if I don’t push for it to happen now it will never happen, but by doing that I am then only doing the things that I can get done immediately. What about the goals that take a long time to get done? When am I going to focus on those? I need to flex that muscle too.

The longer I run this website the more it feels like I am supposed to be an expert in the things I am talking about on it. The more people vouching for my content makes it feel in some way more legit, but I am still figuring this all out as I go. Part of my learning process is sharing these things and going through them slowly to create these articles. I learn a lot from every single one. Yet, there are still people who know the most in a field, even if they are still figuring it out. Dave and Shannon certainly fit that in OPS. They spend the most time with it but they are still learning all the day and it is never solved.

Similar to the above. The work never stops just because we overcome one mountain. There is an entire range to climb. No one witnesses the full breadth of the earth.

Stephen demonstrating responsibility of a savior function. You can’t simply ignore your emotions. You have to look them dead in the eye and work through them. That is responsibility.

This one pretty much speaks for itself… This is the stance I have on type changing and well… I don’t really see it changing. Other things change about yourself and you grow and adapt. You overcome one mountain and the next mountain is a similar flavor of the same thing. The hard parts might become less hard with practice but its still difficult in a similar enough way to be called the same core pattern.

A great reminder that your type (which is fixed imo) is simply a map of the terrain you will face. The details of your challenges may vary, but your map will guide you in the right direction. It helps us to plan and better engage with the territory itself as we encounter it. See also my Typology Manifesto for how I see the importance of type in one’s life.

This is one of the things I tend to argue with people about who want to simply describe what our functions are doing. You can’t describe a function because its really a by product of these recurring patterns in our minds. Dave and Shannon have said “the functions aren’t real” and I think this is what they mean… that the functions might not be something that we will ever be able to track with sensor details. They are instead patterns we fall into to solve our problems that might be predictive based on chemical balances which differ between us, but who knows if or when we will have the sens-sor proof on that one. For now these patterns seem to be trackable enough to provide us a whole lot of value. Good enough for me.

Typology is measured in a relational way. We need to be tracking the larger patterns of what is going on in all people to be able to accurately type ourselves. By default we aren’t doing that. We are looking from our own lens and not the broader community. I’m extroverted because sometimes I go to parties. I’m introverted because parties bore me. These are micro issues in comparison to how you present yourself and process things on a moment by moment basis. Btw, check out the Big Hormone Enneagram podcast if you want to learn more about the Enneagram.

Reflections on why people so often mistype themselves as overly introverted or rare. If you think you are FM NiTi SCBP you probably aren’t.

Many people seem to get their personal identity confused with their personality type. Even if a personality type description really resonated with you, its still not talking about you. Its talking about an idea of a person. A concept. You are flesh and blood and full of experiences that concept could never hope to be. Don’t limit yourself in this way, I beg you.

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