First off, thank you for visiting my site! (this is Roqb btw)

While most of my work has been a labor of love, I do have expenses for the work I’m doing.  This includes (roughly) 40 bucks a month to keep up with the classes (Enneagrammer and OPS) and database updates, 10 bucks a month for server hosting, and 10 bucks a year for my domain.  That’s about $600 a year. Oh gawd, why did I do the math???

Luckily I’m a grown boy (man?) with a day job and no children so I can afford such foolishness for now, but your support would help me sustain this practice much longer.

Either way, have a good one and I hope you found what you were looking for here… and more.

Enjoying this site?

To be honest, I might buy some kombucha instead… Have you tried the Kevita Blackberry Hops? Yummy in my tummy.

She keeps saying I should go outside. Ahh! Please help!

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