Tweet Compilation 2.0

As mentioned in my previous tweet article, in 2021 I started a Twitter account where I’ve been sharing some thoughts on Typology as an additional outlet to my blog and YouTube channel. Below are some of the tweets related to my personal typing journey and more generally about life. My Type Journey This was aContinue reading “Tweet Compilation 2.0”

Sleepy 7s? OPS and Enneagram Crossover Analysis

I was making a video on Howard Stern recently and I was picking up on how Howard is abusing Ni/Fi sleep to avoid negativity and chaos in the future. This was interesting to me as Howard was typed as a 7 by Enneagrammer and as a savior “double introvert” in the Objective Personality System. 7sContinue reading “Sleepy 7s? OPS and Enneagram Crossover Analysis”

Synflow and Contraflow

The Enneagram instinct stackings can be seen as moving in two opposing directions as shown below. These two directions result in drastically different dynamics which make the distinctions between instinctual stackings more clear. The nature of Contraflow stackings in some way create a barrier between themselves and others. The form this barrier takes varies dependingContinue reading “Synflow and Contraflow”

Big Hormone Enneagram

Interested in an Enneagram podcast for the modern era? Well look no further than Big Hormone Enneagram! The Big Hormone Enneagram podcast has close ties to the Enneagrammer and Enneasite websites. They offer a fresh take on the Enneagram from what you might find other places in the community. While many other podcasts out thereContinue reading “Big Hormone Enneagram”

Subjective Personality Database

Its a common complaint that the OPS Airtable does not work well on mobile. I created a web app which pulls from the Airtable’s database and provides a new mobile friendly interface. The web app also allows for easy text searches. Below are just a few examples of things you can try. class istjContinue reading “Subjective Personality Database”

Getting typed by Enneagram[mer]

The Enneagram of Personality is a typology model which looks at 9 core types of personality, each denoted by the underlying patterns of their fears and passions. I’ve been “studying” this system for over 5 years at this point. I own 3 books and have listened to many podcasts over the years, but was recentlyContinue reading “Getting typed by Enneagram[mer]”

OPS for Enneagram Addicts

The Big Hormone Enneagram recently released an episode of their podcast discussing the Objective Personality System. In this episode, they took a shot at explaining what this system is and how it works. I wanted to write this article to help clear up some possible misunderstandings from the podcast and to help anyone who wouldContinue reading “OPS for Enneagram Addicts”

Find Your Type

Finding your type in typology systems can be difficult as it involves three things which are not so trivial. Understanding the system Seeing yourself, particularly in comparison to others Understanding how you fit into the system If you don’t understand the system, you won’t know what patterns to look for. If you don’t see yourselfContinue reading “Find Your Type”