OPS Animal Word Clouds

Malinda Eckert recently generated these word clouds by crowd sourcing the community for input on what comes to mind for them when thinking of the various animals. Hopefully these give you some quick insight into what each of these animals represent beyond their simple definitions. For more be sure to check out our article onContinue reading “OPS Animal Word Clouds”

Savior vs Demon Functions

These are some illustrative examples of the cognitive functions. These aren’t to be taken too seriously for either side, but more to explain the dynamics between these functions when one is a savior and one is a demon within Objective Personality. See Saviors and Demons for more about this concept in our OPS Starter Kit.Continue reading “Savior vs Demon Functions”

Perceiving Baseball

Si is the ordered innings/happenings in the baseball gamemSi – “in the 3rd inning it was 2 outs and Cal Ripken got an RBI after hitting a land drive into left field. The Orioles never lost the lead after that and beat the Diamondbacks 5-2”fSi – “that Ripcan guy hit one into the outfield andContinue reading “Perceiving Baseball”