Mobile Friendly Database

Its a common complaint that the OPS Airtable does not work well on mobile. I created a search app which pulls from the Airtable’s database (as well as a few others) that is more mobile friendly. In addition to being mobile friendly, the search app also allows for easy one line searches. Below areContinue reading “Mobile Friendly Database”

OPS Animal Word Clouds

Malinda Eckert recently generated these word clouds by crowd sourcing the community for input on what comes to mind for them when thinking of the various animals. Hopefully these give you some quick insight into what each of these animals represent beyond their simple definitions. For more be sure to check out our article onContinue reading “OPS Animal Word Clouds”

OPS for Enneagram Addicts

The Big Hormone Enneagram recently released an episode of their podcast discussing the Objective Personality System. In this episode, they took a shot at explaining what this system is and how it works. I wanted to write this article to help clear up some possible misunderstandings from the podcast and to help anyone who wouldContinue reading “OPS for Enneagram Addicts”

Find Your Type

Finding your type in typology systems can be difficult as it involves three things which are not so trivial. Understanding the system Seeing yourself, particularly in comparison to others Understanding how you fit into the system If you don’t understand the system, you won’t know what patterns to look for. If you don’t see yourselfContinue reading “Find Your Type”

Processing my DAMN Ti

Since being typed as an ENFJ Jumper last year in Objective Personality, I’ve been trying to see and understand the ways in which my Demon Ti is manifesting in myself. It can often be difficult to see these patterns playing out in ourselves. Our mind does not want us to see the ways in whichContinue reading “Processing my DAMN Ti”

Dating and your OPS Type

What does your Objective Personality say about your compatibility when it comes to dating and relationships? Turns out, quite a bit! But before we dive in I want to make a few things clear… Your type is only a small piece of the puzzle when it comes to relationships. Life experience and personal values areContinue reading “Dating and your OPS Type”

Saviors and Demons

The Saviors vs Demons concept is essential to understanding how Objective Personality differs from other typology systems. In this system, we type based on this dynamic rather than other metrics such as “strength” or “characteristics” of our functions. In OPS, we track based on what type of information each individual is naturally turning to whenContinue reading “Saviors and Demons”

Hating on the Hero’s Journey

For those of you keeping up with the Objective Personality YouTube channel, you are likely familiar with their concept of the Hero’s Journey. This is Objective Personality’s method for reframing self growth as journey we must all embark on. One must take responsibility for the problems they are facing and challenge them head on toContinue reading “Hating on the Hero’s Journey”