Find Your Type

Finding your type in typology systems can be difficult as it involves three things which are not so trivial. Understanding the system Seeing yourself, particularly in comparison to others Understanding how you fit into the system If you don’t understand the system, you won’t know what patterns to look for. If you don’t see yourselfContinue reading “Find Your Type”

Avoid the J/P Switch!

When learning Socionics, people often look to make direct parallels between the typology systems they already know. This can often be a fools errand. This page elaborates on some of the reasons why with some help from Jack from World Socionic’s Society. You can check out their YouTube and Facebook below. Differences in Notation SomeoneContinue reading “Avoid the J/P Switch!”

Roqb’s Socionics Type – P1

On April 6th, I had a Socionics Diagnostic interview with Jack from the World Socionics Society.  He concluded that LII was the type that suit me best in socionics.  LII stands for Logical Intuitive Integrator and this type is a rough translation to MBTI’s INTP and has Ti and Ne as its first two functions. Continue reading “Roqb’s Socionics Type – P1”