See also, the OPS Glossary.

Who’s Who?

MBTI – Myers Briggs Type Indicator

OPS – Objective Personality System

OP – Objective Personality

Carl Jung – Psychoanalyst who first wrote about the cognitive functions

Dave & Shannon Powers – Creators of the Objective Personality System.

Cognitive Functions

Thinking – The cognitive process focused on determining what works

Feeling – The cognitive process focused on determining what is valued

Sensing – The process focused on what can be sensed

Intuition – The process focused on the patterns and concepts

Fe – Extroverted Feeling

Fi – Introverted Feeling

Te – Extroverted Thinking

Ti – Introverted Thinking

Se – Extroverted Sensing

Si – Introverted Sensing

Ne – Extroverted Intuition

Ni – Introverted Intuition

OPS Terms

Animals – A combination of two functions to perform an action. The animals are Blast, Consume, Play, Sleep. See Animals.

Glass Lizard – A single activated first function and double activated fourth function.
Ex: The NiTe BPCS animal stack has single activated savior Ni and double activated demon Se.

Jumper – A type which jumps over the auxiliary function and instead has the tertiary function as savior.
Ex: ESFP Jumper is SeTe, jumping the auxiliary Fi in favor of tertiary Te.

Dashboard – A chart and visual representation of a type in OPS.

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