OPS YouTube Playlists

The following playlists have some overlap of videos, but try to break out the various videos on the Objective Personality YouTube channel, as well as other YouTube channels, into various topics for your perusal. This page will serve as the master list of our compiled playlists, but these playlists may also be shared throughout the site in other locations.

OPS Starter Kit

A playlist covering the basics of Objective Personality. More info about the starter kit can be found here.

Human Needs

Gather vs Organize
Oe vs Oi
Observer Freakouts

Tribe vs Self
De vs Di
Decider Freakouts

Decider vs Observer
IP and EJ vs EP and IJ
Type Fears


Thinking vs Feeling
Ti and Te vs Fi and Fe

Intuition vs Sensing
Ni and Ne vs Si and Se



Blast vs Consume
Oi and De vs Oe and Di

Sleep vs Play
Oi and Di vs Oe and De

Sexual Modalities

Masculine Sensing vs Feminine Sensing
Hard on the details
Moveable on the patterns

Masculine Intuition vs Feminine Intuition
Hard on the patterns
Moveable on the details

Extroverted Sensing – Se

Introverted Sensing – Si

Extroverted Intuition – Ne

Introverted Intuition – Ni

Extroverted Feeling – Fe

Introverted Feeling – Fi

Extroverted Thinking – Te

Introverted Thinking – Ti

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