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For more in depth analysis of typology, please check out some of the other great resources out there. Some of the ones we recommend are listed below. There is of course no guarantee these sources are providing the most accurate information, I guess you’ll just have to use your own subjective reasoning to figure that out huh?

For Objective Personality in particular you can check out Laura Miller’s well maintained document.

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Unofficial Objective Personality Study Group – Facebook Group
Objective Personality Class Members – Facebook Group
Objective Personality Subreddit – Reddit
Objective Personality Community Discord – Open Discord for OPS discussion
Objective Personality Class Discord – Unofficial discord for class members/those who have been typed by OPS only (link is to an entry form to confirm you meet these requirements)


Objective Personality – Official OPS Website
Personality Junkie – MBTI Types explained in depth
Personality Hacker – Self Development built off MBTI, hosts a podcast as well
512 Personalities – An Unofficial OPS Site
Objective Personality Science Club – Dedicated to making personality more objective
Objective Personality Community Site – Unofficial OPS Site for learning the basics from the OPC Discord


DaveSuperPowers – the official Objective Personality YouTube Channel
Binyamin Tsadik – Typology interviews (mostly people typed by OPS)
Edgy Wedgie – Our own Noor’s YouTube channel (ENTP and OPS MM Ne/Ti CPSB)
Roqb The Rogue – Our own Roqb’s YouTube channel – Interviews, Typology, and maybe more?
Rose Ve – Si/Fe Rose does OPS typing
NiNe Show – 4 Intuitive Dominants Discuss Objective Personality
Augmented Personality – Personality focused content from Te/Se Gray
World Socionics Society – Dedicated to the study of socionics. Numerous type diagnostic interviews which can be quite insightful
Michael Pierce – Visual essays discussing the 16 MBTI types and how their cognitive functions each manifest in helping these types excel in the world.
John Barnes – Created a series of the 16 MBTI types and how you can distinguish between the Extroverted and Introverted types (ex: ESTJ vs ISTJ) using the tertiary or third function (ex: Ne in ESTJ and Fi in ISTJ).


All 512 OPS Types – A compilation of people typed by OPS
OPS Class Notes – Quick reference for the OPS coins
OPS Class Archives – People typed in the OPS Class (links for class members only)
OPS Typing Template – A template you can use to when working through the OP coins
OPS Type Tracking – A template for tracking your success rate with typing
OPS Links – A working document of links to OPS related materials (kind of like this page)
OPS Q&A Notes – Notes and Links to various OPS Q&As (links for class members only)
Binyamin OPS Interviews – A document with links to interviews with various OPS types sorted by type.


OPS Type Analyzer – Generate a type description, dashboard, visual, and so much more!
OPT-Toy – An OPS Type Image Generator from Thomas Aylott
OP Personality Helper – Select each OPS and reduce the list of remaining eligible types automatically
OP Database – Airtable database maintained by Ryan and Jana – Learn more
Subjective Personality Database – a friendly search database with OPS, Enneagram, and Socionics typed persons

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