Sleepy 7s? OPS and Enneagram Crossover Analysis

I was making a video on Howard Stern recently and I was picking up on how Howard is abusing Ni/Fi sleep to avoid negativity and chaos in the future. This was interesting to me as Howard was typed as a 7 by Enneagrammer and as a savior “double introvert” in the Objective Personality System. 7sContinue reading “Sleepy 7s? OPS and Enneagram Crossover Analysis”

Chris Voss – Fe or Te

Former FBI negotiator, Chris Voss was recently typed in an Objective Personality Class. He is the CEO of The Black Swan Group and teaches the skills he harnessed while working with the FBI. Final TypeMF SiFe BSPC Class Date: 5/05/2020Typed by: Dave OPS Class Note: class link is available to class members only Here isContinue reading “Chris Voss – Fe or Te”

Observer Functions

According to the Objective Personality Typing System there are two main categories of functions. The Observer functions and the Decider functions. As the name suggests, the observer functions are our ways of taking in information. Whereas our Decider functions help us make decisions. More on Decider Functions here. So what exactly are the observer functions?Continue reading “Observer Functions”

Observer Modalities

F Sensing implies M IntuitionM Sensing implies F Intuition F Modalities are moveable and flowyM Modalities are concrete and solid F Sensing pairs fuzzy details with M Intuition’s hard abstract containersM Sensing pairs precise details with F Intuition’s flowing connections fSi mNe F Si orders fuzzy sequential details and creates a hard M Ne shellContinue reading “Observer Modalities”

Perceiving Baseball

Si is the ordered innings/happenings in the baseball gamemSi – “in the 3rd inning it was 2 outs and Cal Ripken got an RBI after hitting a land drive into left field. The Orioles never lost the lead after that and beat the Diamondbacks 5-2”fSi – “that Ripcan guy hit one into the outfield andContinue reading “Perceiving Baseball”