What does it mean to me to be a Decider?

Sometimes I get out a piece of paper (instead of a keyboard) and start jotting down my thoughts in a mad frenzy. Recently I wrote out some thoughts on what it means for me to be a Decider in the Objective Personality System that I thought might be helpful for better understanding what that isContinue reading “What does it mean to me to be a Decider?”

Getting typed by Enneagram[mer]

The Enneagram of Personality is a typology model which looks at 9 core types of personality, each denoted by the underlying patterns of their fears and passions. I’ve been “studying” this system for over 5 years at this point. I own 3 books and have listened to many podcasts over the years, but was recentlyContinue reading “Getting typed by Enneagram[mer]”

Processing my DAMN Ti

Since being typed as an ENFJ Jumper last year in Objective Personality, I’ve been trying to see and understand the ways in which my Demon Ti is manifesting in myself. It can often be difficult to see these patterns playing out in ourselves. Our mind does not want us to see the ways in whichContinue reading “Processing my DAMN Ti”

A Single Activated First Savior Function: Glass Lizards in Objective Personality

We recently ran a series of articles on the Glass Lizard types in Objective Personality. These are a specific subset of types which could easily be confused as another type outside of objective personality. This is because they use their 1st function less and their 4th function more than you would typically expect for thoseContinue reading “A Single Activated First Savior Function: Glass Lizards in Objective Personality”

Living as a Lizard: The Season Finale

The season finale is here! I promise folks, no more slimy lizard friends after this for a long while. Though, now that I think about it, I guess since I am one, that won’t really be true. Damn you Ti Regardless… this is the last article in our EPIC 5 part series on the GLASSContinue reading “Living as a Lizard: The Season Finale”

Living as a Lizard: Tails from a Blast Last ExxJ

If you aren’t familiar with the Glass Lizard concept, first off, welcome to Subjective Personality! We recently ran a series on Glass Lizards. Go check those out and then come back here. Don’t worry, I’ll still be here when you get back. Is Roqb Oprah? Last May, I was typed as a Double Feminine, PlayContinue reading “Living as a Lizard: Tails from a Blast Last ExxJ”

A Personal Mistyping Story

In my last post I discussed the idea of introverted functions forming personal connections with information. At the end of that article I warned of some potential confusion over the difference between a savior and something which is personal to you. The reason I brought that up is because that confusion happened to someone IContinue reading “A Personal Mistyping Story”

Roqb’s OPS Typing Call

Roqb was recently typed in OPS in a typing call with Shannon of Objective Personality. The phone call went down something like this… Please note this is very much paraphrased and I really enjoyed my call with Shannon and highly recommend it if you are considering getting typed. 2021 Update: they no longer do calls.Continue reading “Roqb’s OPS Typing Call”

Roqb’s Socionics Type – P1

On April 6th, I had a Socionics Diagnostic interview with Jack from the World Socionics Society.  He concluded that LII was the type that suit me best in socionics.  LII stands for Logical Intuitive Integrator and this type is a rough translation to MBTI’s INTP and has Ti and Ne as its first two functions. Continue reading “Roqb’s Socionics Type – P1”

ENFP Functions (Ne, Fi) and a pair of green sneakers

3/1/2020 – This is an archived post from Roqb’s old website, sketchandseek.com, originally published on 8/29/2016 when Roqb believed he was an ENFP. The end of the article alludes to a follow up about Te/Si but that post has sadly been lost. Let us know if you somehow find it, we already checked the wayContinue reading “ENFP Functions (Ne, Fi) and a pair of green sneakers”