About Us

Subject Personality was created in Spring of 2020 by Noor and Roqb with the intention of creating a website where we could begin the process of organizing information pertaining to the Objective Personality System into text form since most of it the information available on the system is either scattered around in YouTube videos or Facebook threads. As savior gather types we were frustrated by the way this information was simply scattered around the internet making it difficult to find and digest. The solution… do our demons and organize the information for the tribe! Well that was easier said than done, but you can see where we got with that in our OPS Starter Kit.

OPS Coin

The site has since expanded past this original mission to also serving as a place to process and order our own thoughts on various typology & psychology topics from the Enneagram to Socionics. We are creating a space for us all to learn together.

We are not experts in psychology or personality here, we are learners and students just like you. We are looking to share and contribute to the global conversation about who we are and how our patterns can be categorized in relation to others. We hope you will join us on our journey and learn and grow with us.

For more on our approach to typology, check out our article on the Typology Manifesto or check out the video below about it.

Why your personality type matters

Connect with Us

Enjoying the site? 🙂 Maybe you see an issue instead? 😦 Either way… get in touch! You can join our Discord or follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more frequent updates. If you really appreciate what I do here, consider buying me a coffee. ☕ Hope to see you soon. ❤

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